Sunday, February 19, 2017

IP Cloud (for DSL users)


What is IP Cloud ?  

IP Cloud is starting with RouterOS v6.14 MikroTik offers a Dynamic DNS name service for RouterBOARD devices.This means that your device can automatically get a working domain name, this is useful if your IP address changes often, and you want to always know how to connect to your router.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Send Mikrotik User Manger Backup File Every Day Via E-mail


/system script
add name=UserManger policy=\
   ftp,reboot,read,write,policy,test,password,sniff,sensitive,romon source=":gl\
   obal SenderId\r\
   \n:global SenderUser  #USER\r\
   \n:global GmailPwd #SENDER-PWD\r\
   \n:global RecMail\r\
   \n:local gmailip \"\"\r\
   \n:global sub1 ([/system identity get name])\r\
   \n:global sub2 ([/system clock get time])\r\
   \n:global sub3 ([/system clock get date])\r\
   \n:global UserMangerFile usermanger\r\
   \n:log warning \"Mikrotik Sending UserManger Backup File.....BY >>>>WWW.ITLE\
   \n:log warning \"Creating new backup files\"\r\
   \n/tool user-manager database save name=\$UserMangerFile\r\
   \n:delay 10s\r\
   \n/tool e-mail set address=\$gmailip from=\$SenderId password=\$GmailPwd por\
   t=587 start-tls=yes user=\$SenderUser\r\
   \n:log info \"Sending Backup File.....BY >>>>WWW.ITLEARNWEB.COM<<<<\"\r\
   \n/tool e-mail send to=\$RecMail password=\$GmailPwd subject=\"UserManger Ba\
   ckup File (\$sub1 \$sub2 \$sub3) \" from=\$SenderId file=\$UserMangerFile se\
   rver=\$gmailip start-tls=yes\r\
   \n:log warning \"Please Wait....System is Busy\"\r\
   \n:delay 30s\r\
   \n/file remove \$UserMangerFile\r\
   \n:delay 05s\r\
   \n:log warning \"Finished\"\r\
/system scheduler
add interval=1d name=UserManger on-event=UserManger policy=ftp,reboot,read,write,policy,test,password,sniff,sensitive,romon start-date=feb/05/2017 start-time=12:00:00


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