Sunday, October 30, 2016

Loop Protect (loop-protect feature for ethernet,vlan,eoip,eoipv6 interfaces)


Loop protect feature can prevent Layer2 loops by sending loop protect protocol packets and shutting down interfaces in case they receive loop protect packets originated from themself. The feature works by checking source MAC address of received loop protect packet against MAC addresses of loop protect enabled interfaces. If the match is found, loop protect disables the interface which received the loop protect packet. Log message warns about this event and interface is marked with a loop protect comment by system. RouterOS loop protect feature can be used on bridged interfaces as well as on ethernet interfaces which are set for switching in RouterBoard switch chips.
Loop protect works on ethernet, vlan, eoip and eoipv6 interfaces. It supports adjusting loop protect packet sending interval and interface disable time. Configuration changes or expiration of disable time resets loop protection on interface. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Net Monitoring For Employees & Schools (Monitor, Record and Report All Employee Activity)

Employee monitoring software has become an essential tool for tracking your employee activity to increase productivity in offices.

If you are a business leader, a teacher, a chairman of a company or project supervisor, you need strong tracking application to keep an eye over the screen of your team members.

It happens many times that many team members spare their time in watching unnecessary content on the Internet or using your resources for their personal use or just spending time in web browsing.

If you want to monitor their activities, you need nothing more than installing our software. You don't need to register - just download and install.

Net Monitor for Employees Professional lets you see the screens of all network computer monitors, making it easy to detect an unauthorized and prohibited PC or Mac use.

With this tool, not only can you monitor screens, you can also take control of any network PC or Mac by controlling the mouse and keyboard.

When you are not at your desk, you can record screens, visited web sites and used applications for later review of your team member activity.

You can easily log which websites your employees are visiting or log application use activity - see if employee is using the application and for how long.

Advanced key logger reports allow you to see what your employee are typing in each application.

With the ability to block individual websites, you'll find Net Monitor for Employees Professional invaluable for preventing unproductive web browsing during work time.

Now you can know for sure whether the employee are working hard or they are just wasting time. Record computer screens to get a proof.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mikrotik Wireless Range Extender ( Universal Repeater )


How To Upgrade RouterBOARD Firmware

  • Open Winbox and go to "System/Routerboard" menu.
  • New window "Routerboard" will pop up, where you can see current and latest available firmware.
  • Click on "Upgrade" button 
  • Click on "Reboot" button