Sunday, February 28, 2016

Limit Different Bandwidth In Day and Night For Hotspot Users

There are lot many ways to limit bandwidth for day and Night.
If we need to configure bandwidth for DAY time users and NIGHT time users. Hope this article will be helpful for us.



  1. how to set time for user profiles. example online from 8.00am-6.00pm only can online. after 6.00pm user offline automatic. after ofline maybe user riderect to some web notification. after 5 min (5.55pm)

  2. 1st make a profile...
    2nd enable proxy and redirect on a website..
    3rd add scheduler for profile changing

    2nd Option Zaroori ha is k liy kia little explain about 2nd option.Thnaks

  3. Dear Brother , i have two prblms.
    1st is that
    i have a load balancing of two lines. i want to give my pppoe user a specific ip of a single dsl. how can i make it easily.

    2nd is that hotspot and pppoe user's profile changed automatically after a specific time ...pls solve my prbom

    1. text me on my facebook account

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  5. Do the users have to disconnect and reconnect to change the speed from day's speed to night's?