Sunday, May 15, 2016

Simple Bandwidth Sharing With ''DHCP & QUEUE''

First we configure DHCP fellow this post and configure ''DHCP SERVER''

Now we will setup Bandwidth Control (2M/300K per user)

/queue typeadd kind=pcq name=PCQ-DOW pcq-classifier=dst-address pcq-dst-address6-mask=64 \    pcq-rate=2M pcq-src-address6-mask=64add kind=pcq name=PCQ-UP pcq-classifier=src-address pcq-dst-address6-mask=64 \    pcq-rate=300k pcq-src-address6-mask=64
 /queue simpleadd comment="2MB PER USER " name=PCQ-2MB queue=PCQ-UP/PCQ-DOW target=\


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